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Chapter 1: The World before the Opening of the Atlantic.

1.1 The Earliest Americans.

1.2 Cultural Areas in North America.

1.3 Europe during the Middle Ages.

1.4 Trade across Continents.

Chapter 2: The Age of Exploration.

2.1 Europeans Set Sail

2.2 Voyages to the Americas.

2.3 The Race for Trade Routes.

2.4 The Opening of the Atlantic.

Chapter 3: New Empires in the Americas.

3.1 The Conquistadores.

3.2 Spanish America.

3.3 Religious and Political Changes in Europe.

3.4 The Race for Empires.

Chapter 4: The English Colonies.

4.1 The Virginia Colony.

4.2 The Pilgrims' Experience.

4.3 The New England Colonies.

4.4 The Southern and Middle Colonies.

Chapter 5: Life in the English Colonies.

5.1 Forms of Government.

5.2 The Growth of Trade.

5.3 The Colonial Economy.

5.4 The Great Awakening.

5.5 American Culture.

Chapter 6: Conflicts in the Colonies.

6.1 Trouble on the Frontier.

6.2 Consequences of the French and Indian War.

6.3 Trouble over Colonists' Rights.

6.4 New Taxes and Tensions.

Chapter 7: The American Revolution.

7.1 The Revolution Begins.

7.2 Declaring Independence.

7.3 Dark Hours.

7.4 New Hopes.

7.5 Independence.

Chapter 8: Forming a Government.

8.1 The Articles of Confederation.

8.2 Problems in the New Nation.

8.3 The Constitution.

8.4 Ratification of the Constitution.

Chapter 9: Citizenship and the Constitution.

9.1: Understanding the Constitution.

9.2: The Bill of Rights.

9.3 Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship.

Chapter 10: Launching the Nation.

10.1: Laying the Foundations of Government.

10.2: Hamilton and National Finances.

10.3: Troubles Abroad.

10.4: Challenges at Home.

10.5: John Adams's Presidency.

Chapter 11: The Expanding Nation.

11.1: Jefferson As President.

11.2: The Louisiana Purchase.

11.3: The Coming of War.

11.4: The War of 1812.

Chapter 12: A New National Identity.

12.1: The Rise of Nationalism.

12.2: Expansion and Improvements.

12.3: The Age of Jackson.

12.4: Indian Removal.

12.5: American Culture.

Chapter 13: Industrial Growth in the North.

13.1: The Industrial Revolution and America.

13.2: Changes in Working Life.

13.3: The Transportation Revolution

13.4: More Technological Advances

Chapter 14: Agricultural Changes in the South.

14.1: The Growth of Cotton.

14.2: The Southern Economy.

14.3: Southern Society.

14.4: The Slave System.

Chapter 15: New Movements in America.

15.1: America's Spiritual Awakening.

15.2: Immigrants and Cities.

15.3: Reforming Society.

15.4: The Movement to End Slavery.

15.5: Women's Rights.

Chapter 16: Expanding West.

16.1: The Spanish West and the Southwest.

16.2: Texas Gains Independence.

16.3: The Lone Star Republic.

16.4: Oregon and the Far West.

16.5: California and the Southwest.

Chapter 17: Manifest Destiny and War.

17.1: Manifest Destiny and Expansion.

17.2: The Mexican War.

17.3: More Settlers Head West.

17.4: The Gold Rush.

Chapter 18: A Divided Nation.

18.1: The Debate Over Slavery.

18.2: Trouble in Kansas.

18.3: Political Divisions.

18.4: Secession.

Chapter 19: The Civil War.

19.1: The War Begins.

19.2: The War in the East.

19.3: The War in the West.

19.4: Life During the War.

19.5: The Tide of the War Turns.

Chapter 20: Reconstruction.

20.1: Rebuilding the South.

20.2: The Fight over Reconstruction.

20.3: Reconstruction in the South.

20.4: The New South.

Chapter 21: The West.

21.1: The Wars for the West.

21.2: Miners and Railroads.

21.3: The Cattle Kingdom.

21.4: Farming in the Great Plains.